Bill Quay & Hebburn's riverside share a lot of History so I've added a Bill Quay page. The Tugs are tied up off Harrison's yard The Tug 'Beamish' off Harrison's Yard with the Naval Yard across the river.  Bill Quay school next to Davison's Farm 1950s
An old advert for Bill Quay bottle works which was on the riverside dating from 1847. A photo I took of Bill Quay Methodist Church on Cromwell Rd in 2003Another of my pics from 2003 showing Cromwell Rd leading to the riverside. Two Pubs are in view ie the 'Cricketers' & 'The Albion'
My photo taken looking towards Byker in 2003. Bill Quay was once a busy riverside unlike today.Looking up towards Cromwell Rd from the side of the 'Albion Pub'. The pub is supposed to be haunted & the Chronicle ran a story about it once.This lovely old riverside Pub once had Soda Works, Coal Staiths & Ship Yards close by.. Today it stands alone
Grass where once Bill Quay streets were.A photo I took from a Newcastle to Shields ferry trip showing the derelict riverside adjacent to Bill Quay.One business that is still thriving on the banks of the Tyne at Felling Shore. International Paints.