Bill Quay School taken in 1913 & one little girl ended up a Teacher at the School (F Clark) Bill Quay School class of 1919 during WW1. Thanks to Gordon Stridiron  providing  old photos. A Bill Quay class of 1921 from Gordon's collection
Bill Quay  School 1966-7. I now have the other names. 1st left is W Forster, J Candlish, R Waggit. Lad on rgt is D Wheatley Bill Quay Teaching Staff in 1950. Florrie Clark is the little girl in the 1913 photo Bill Quay football team of 1936-7 from a newspaper cutting.
 1973-74  Bill Quay football team. The Head  was  Jarrow man Brian Howard A Bill Quay infants class of 1936 A Bill Quay class of 1953
Miss Clark's  class photo at Bill Quay School 1960s  A Bill Quay class with Davison's Farmhouse in view.  1950s photo possibly Bill Quay school camp at Warkworth in Northumberland 1927