Pelaw Methodist's concert in 1949. Some names may be spelt wrongly eg Reid or is it Reed. Not sure where this photo was taken but Gordon has the year (1950) and the names. If anyone knows then email me please. The Vicar of St Mary's 1946 to 56 Rev Dennis and his wife along with his Curate and a Mrs Brown in 1950
Wardley Colliery School girls hockey team in 1952-53 with names aswell. Anyone see mam or gran? Wardley Colliery School football team in Felling Park 1953-54 & Gordon got all the names for usWardley Colliery School girls hockey team of 1954 & this time they have the proper kit to wear.
Wardley Colliery School girls hockey team of 1956 looking very professional in there white stripsAn internal view of Pelaw Methodist Chapel showing the new communion rail & choir stalls in 1959 The Grand opening of Pelaw Methodists School Hall in 1959
Wardley Colliery School in 1968 before demolition Some Pelaw Methodist ladies on a private 'trip' they had to Balmoral in 1956 Bill Quay 'Hibs' football team taken at Jonadab in 1923 & Gordon managed some names aswell