Crowhall Lane & South View in 1930 with the old bus heading towards the photographer A busy Felling High St in 1910 Felling Square 1920s -30s with the High St in view leading down to Sunderland Rd.
Felling coal staiths in 1925 less than 10 yrs from when the Pit closed forever.All our towns had the travelling 'Fair's' come each year befor or after the 'Hoppings'. This one in Felling is from 1895Gosforth St on the right of Sunderland Rd Felling in 1929 looking towards Gateshead.
Mr Moses outside his cobblers shop on Crowhall Lane in 1925. The 'Green Tree' Pub, Felling Shore, early 1900s, possibly showing Julia O'Donnel the publican, husband & children.Early 1900s Uxbridge & Stewart street with a works Chimney rising above the roof tops.
Felling High St Walter Wilson's 1900. Note the butchers next door.Both shops built where a Chapel stood.An undated photo of the 'Wheatsheaf' Pub built in 1907Quarry men working in the old Quarry at Windy Nook. These quarries were where the stone came from to build our churches & houses.