The old 'Duke of Connaught' Public House in 1880 & looking fairly old even in those days. An early 1900s photo of Albion St in Windy Nook The tiny little Brandling Station which is adjacent to Felling Station & the building is still there today.
Brandling Station with either Felling low board school behind or Felling Hall later The Mulberry Inn.A lovely old 1900 photo taken in Brewery Lane in the long gone village of Felling Shore.Coldwell House Farm in 1893
Joan Davidson kindly informed me this is Co-operative Crescent in Windy NookA shop on the corner of Crowhall Lane 1870.'The Farmer's & Cleveland Dairies Co' shop on Felling High St early 1900s.
Two of Felling's famous Italian Dragone family of Ice Cream sellers Francis & Dominic.The old Methodist's chapel on the corner of Crowhall Lane and Wallis St in 1925. Thanks to Wardley man Lynn Green for verifying the locationNorth Leam Farm House in 1985