The well known Felling Male Voice Choir outside Gateshead Civic Centre but no year or decade was given to me unfortunately The old 1812 built 'Peartree' Public House on Sunderland Rd. Nice memories for some ex-pats! The remains of St Patrick's Dance hall a few years ago in 2006. How many couples must have met under that roof?
This pic shows the 'New Imperia' cinema opened in 1930 but like a lot of cinema's it ended up as a Bingo Hall.So this is where Dragone's made there ice cream probably hoping it was better than Hebburn's Fionda's Jarrows Reas & Shields's Minchellas.The Corona Picture Hall in 1920s Coldwell St. It was built in 1911 & lasted just 49 yrs before demolition
The sad looking 1800s Pub 'The Duke of Connaught' on Sunderland Rd in the Felling just a few years ago.A little girl in 1950 buying her Dragone's Ice Cream. Felling ex-pat Alan Foster in Brisbane suggests the Queue is for the Corona PicturesAnother Dragone's ice cream vehicle going round the streets selling ices
The aftermath of the Imperial Cinema fire in Wellington St, 1929.The old 'Grand' Pictures at Pelaw. It opened in 1914 as World War one was starting, became a ballroom 1961 & demolished in 1993.Trams going back & forth from St Mary's Heworth to Gateshead in 1930