A newspaper clipping of Wardley Colliery men on a typical Friday night in the local Pub after being paid earlier in the day The Steam Engine that ran down to Jarrow Staiths going over the Crossings at Wardley in 1939 during WW2. Another pic of the steam engine bringing empties after unloading at Jarrow Staiths in the war years.
Two Wardley children in a quiet street opposite Joyce Villas prefabs in 1948A 1956 photo just months before demolition of Wardley's Primitive Methodist Chapel that was opened in 1884Three senior Wardley citizens (Mr Thompson, Mr Salkeld & Mr Robson) sitting near the School with the Pit in the distance early 1900s.
Another newspaper cutting from 1936 showing Miner Bill Dinning & his wife sorting there budget with daughter Jenny looking on.Wardley Collieries 'Buffs' held there Lodge meetings at the White Mare Pool HotelWardley Colliery Post Office in Woodbine House 1926. Later it became the British Legion Club then NCB bought it. Thanks to Llyn Green for the info.
Wardley Colliery Primitive Methodist Chapel Choir in 1936 with quite a few namesLittle Wardley Colliery still had it's own Co-op & this photo of it was taken in 1937 around May when George V1 was crowned KingThis photo shows Wardley folk celebrating Elizabeth 2nds Coronation in 1953