Follingsby Colliery which is just west of White Mare Pool in 1952. Wardley & Usworth coal was brought to the surface here where it was graded & washed A poor quality newspaper cutting of Ellison's Shop in Wardley Colliery village, BUT it is better than no image. Wardley Colliery Methodist's on a Trip to Scarborough in May 1937 before World War two reared its ugly head.
The final Morning Service at Wardley Primitive Methodist Chapel on Sept 2nd 1956.Wardley Primitive Methodist's 'Married People's Choir' about 1900 with some names. I would imagine the spouses would also be there.A photo taken inside the Co-op at Pelaw. Billie Brass & Betty Davies are in this photo
A beautiful early 1900s photo of three named men at the water trough outside the Railway Hotel at White Mare PoolThis is the 'Railway Hotel' which was across the Leam Lane rd from the 'White Mare Pool Hotel'.Another undated view of the 'Railway Hotel' at Wardley's White Mare Pool.Possibly 1960s.
Wardley's Transport Cafe at the side of the Railway Hotel possibly in wartime or earlier Wardley miners at the Welfare ground in 1935The long gone Transport Cafe at White Mare Pool