This man, Billy Brass was the first manager at the little Co-op at Wardley Colliery which was built in 1922 A newspaper cutting showing the old cobbled backlane in Wardley Colliery between Second St & Third St with the Pit in the background Annie Young in the early 1900s in the garden of the Railway Hotel. In later life Annie had a Sweet/icecream hut beside the Hotel
A 1936 photo taken at the Wardley Methodist Chapel's Sunday School.Two names are Jenny Barker & Moira HoltThe long gone Follingsby Colliery just a few hundred yards west of White Mare Pool in the early 1900s.John Stridiron of Wardley Colliery with his two sons about 1950 with the Pit in the background.
Wardley Colliery Methodist Chapel 'tea ladies' outside the Hall. I need dates or decades for any of the images if anyone can help.Wardley Methodist's getting ready to perform at there Concert in the Hall. Quite a few names on this photo aswell.Wardley Methodist girls. Can anyone give me the decade this was taken?
Wardley Methodist's on a Trip to the Lake District in 1947 & with quite a few names but NOT in any orderAnother Wardley Methodist's Trip out in 1937 before WW2 and with quite a few namesWardley children on a Trip in the 1950s with some names.