This view shows where Felling Colliery was from 1779 to the 1930s. It can be seen from the Metro trains coming into & leaving Felling Station Morley Avenue in Bill Quay. A 2006 photo of the Brandling Station next to Felling Station. Brandling was built in 1842 and restored in 1978.
A familiar view to Felling folk! Dragones Ice Cream shop. A 2006 view of St Mary's church at Heworth with a part of the 'Swan Inn' just in view. A fairly recent photo to show the ex pats what the once thriving Felling High St looks like today
A photo of the Plaque at Brandling Station showing it's history.Many Pitmen would have used it in the 1800s as it was just yards from the Pit. A closer view of St Mary's, Heworth which goes back hundreds of years. A 2006 view of St Patrick's Church in Felling
Sunderland Road in Felling which was once the main bus route for buses going to Gateshead & Newcastle. Nowadays its much quieter This was once the 'OddFellows Arms' on Davidson St This Pub on Sunderland Rd was originally the 'Royal Turf Hotel'