This view shows where Felling Colliery was from 1779 to the 1930s. It can be seen from the Metro trains coming into & leaving Felling Station Morley Avenue in Bill Quay. A 2006 photo of the Brandling Station next to Felling Station. Brandling was built in 1842 and restored in 1978.
A familiar view to Felling folk! Dragones Ice Cream shop.A 2006 view of St Mary's church at Heworth with a part of the 'Swan Inn' just in view.A fairly recent photo to show the ex pats what the once thriving Felling High St looks like today
A photo of the Plaque at Brandling Station showing it's history.Many Pitmen would have used it in the 1800s as it was just yards from the Pit.A closer view of St Mary's, Heworth which goes back hundreds of years.A 2006 view of St Patrick's Church in Felling
Sunderland Road in Felling which was once the main bus route for buses going to Gateshead & Newcastle. Nowadays its much quieterThis was once the 'OddFellows Arms' on Davidson St This Pub on Sunderland Rd was originally the 'Royal Turf Hotel'