The Printing dept of the CWS in Pelaw early 1920s This image taken in the Machine Room is from way back in 1928 CWS employees in 1928 in the printing section of Pelaw CWS in 1928
The 'Shields' train coming into Pelaw on it's way to South Shields on a snowy day with Pelaw Stores to the rightSome young CWS trainees being taught by an instructor in 1969 before work in the Shirt Factory at Pelaw.A steam Engine pulling trucks past Pelaw CWS factories at Pelaw
Another trainee for the Pelaw Shirt Factory in 1969Two Steam trains about to pass each other at Pelaw.I think most older visitors to the website must have heard of 'Pelaw Polish' made at the CWS in Pelaw
This early 1900s birds eye image shows how Pelaw Stores was here long before houses & streets were built in Pelaw. Now unfortunately the CWS is gone.The CWS printing department around 1926An apprentice 'Cutter' learning how to use the 'Eastman Bluestreak' cutter in 1969