A Heworth School class from the 1930s with quite a few names A 1938 class of children from Heworth School & again with a few names. A 1951-52 photo of a Heworth school class & lots of names
Heworth Colliery & the old Chapel that stood in Chapel Sq. The house were demolished in 1937 Heworth school children in 1935-36 with quite a few names you may recognise An old internal shot of the Altar in St Mary's
A tinted postcard of Heworth Village about 1900 with St Mary's wall to the right A lovely old tinted postcard of Heworth which I think is late 1800s A sketched view of St Mary's Church in 1840 to show us what life was like in those days.
Old Heworth Village with St Mary's Church wall to the right.I think this is a wartime photo. St Mary's Church with the familiar 'Lych Gate' that is still their today An early 1900s long gone image of Heworth School with the little Post Office in view.