The Conservative Club next to the Bypass in 1995 which used to be the historic Heworth Hall A night time shadowy poor quality photo but it shows a very familiar view to hundreds of Felling people doesn't it? Dragone's Ice Cream Parlour Heworth Hall in 1939 which I've been told was also used as a school
Another pic of long gone Heworth Pit that closed in 1963.I was an Apprentice Fitter at Wardley Colliery & had to go down Heworth to help out in 1963Felling miners marching from Coldwell Lane into Felling Square 1920. That shop is now a Post Office. Thanks to Llyn Green for verifying the location. A Miners march in Felling Square 1920. The miners always seemed to have to fight to get better conditions & wages
Pelaw's 'Hertfordshire House' football team of 1955-56. NOTE the names are not in order.VE Day celebrations in 1945 Pelaw with a few namesA lovely old photo of Sunderland Road, Felling at twenty past nine in the morning in 1910
Heworth in 1960 with part of the 'Swan Inn' on the rightThe Pelaw grown ups at the VE Day celebrations in 1945Wardley Colliery band in 1946.