Billy Cowell's Wedding photo taken in First St, Wardley & we think it was in 1915 Wardley British Legion Darts Team at Woodbine House but again no date. If anyone can help with any photo that would be great. Wardley men having a quiet drink in the long gone Railway Hotel at White Mare Pool.
Hannah Moore outside her home at 33 West Cres in the early 1900s.Wardley ladies J and R Davies with the houses of reservoir St behind themYoung Wardley men out relaxing in the fresh air possibly looking for some good looking Hebburn lasses (just a joke)
Joe Fusaro had an Ice Cream business in Hebburn & sold ice cream round the doors.Here is John Pearson getting a ride on Fusaro's Horse.Young Kate West with her bike in Waggonway St, Wardley early 1900s.Ken Lorrison playing on the field next to the Reservoir fence
Ken Mitchell on his Trike in the garden of his home in the North Eastern Railway Houses at WardleyDoes anyone recognise either of theses Wardley men ? If so I'd like names please.Wardley man Mr W R Clark outside his home in the early 1900s relaxing with his pipe & his little dog