John & Mary Lorrison with their family on Wardley's Black Rd.The rail track to Sunderland was over the fence A group of elderly Wardley folk in the British Legion Club in Wardley Hall Ladies in the Garden of the old Railway Hotel that stood twenty yards away from the 'White Mare Pool Hotel'
Mr & Mrs Liddle of West Cres in WardleyFelling 'Low Board School' footballers in 1947 with a few namesMr Mitchell & Rebecca Scott outside the British Rail Houses at Wardley.
A Wardley family on the 'Black Rd' alongside the Leam railway track over the left hand fenceLittle Olive Dickenson & her cousin outside her Wardley home.Little Peter Bland on his wooden Scooter. When he grew up he had a shop opp the Board school
This photo of Jackie Graham of Reservoir St was taken not long before he died aged just 14 of a burst appendix.Does anyone recognise a Wardley ancestor because I have no names for these two ladies & little girl.Wardley man Mr Longstaff who lived in Sunderland Terrace out for a walk. Does anyone know the decade?