A blurry photo of Wardley kids possibly on the Welfare ground about 1952 with a few names Heworth Colliery where coal was put into the rail trucks A 1953 photo of the 'High Board School' pupils in 1953 with Teacher E Simpson
A bit of a Garden Party in the back garden of the 'Railway Hotel' at White Mare Pool. I wonder if their was plenty to drink?Ivy & Jim Clark & little girl called Nancy Wilkinson with Reservoir St behindChildren Sadie & Fred outside the wooden shop on Reservoir Street in 1930.
Sheriff Hill Pit stood where in later years Blacklock's Scrapyard was. I wonder why the Simpson's were looking round the Pit which closed 1895? A newspaper cutting of Felling St John's children in 1949-50Another cutting with St John's school children, this time a 1952 class
Wardley people but I don't know the occasion so if anyone knows I'd like to know.Wardley Ladies and look carefully & you'll see one brave man has dared to intrude.Wardley friends on a coach trip.