Wardley Colliery's underground rescue team 1951 Wardley people Mr & Mrs Cowell of Quality Tce in the carriage waiting to be taken out. He would have been well off & possibly in management. Wardley Colliery from the Pit Heap in the 60s
Gordon Stridiron who loaned all these Felling area photos included this one of his parents who lived in Waggonway St. That's Monkton Coke Works behindLily Smith & Gladys Robson off to wardley Girl Guides. Can anyone give the decade for any of the images?Two girls both called Peggy in First St Wardley
Quality Terrace in Wardley. I think it got that name because Manager's & gaffers got houses in that street.A 1956 photo of poor old Waggonway St not long before demolitionNellie Ellison with a class of children at Wardley Colliery School in 1936
Wardley folk early 1900s dressed up for some sort of Carnival or celebration. Can anyone tell me what it was & when?Wardley ladies on a Trip out in the 20s or 30s. It says Hexham but it could be Stanhope?A nice old photo of Wardley Colliery