Wardley Colliery school football team of 1970 along with names The old Wardley Colliery early 1900s which not many folk will remember, as it was fully modernised in the late 1950s Empire day in 1912 & the children during the celebrations at Wardley Colliery school.
White Mare Pool long before it became busy. Mr Halliday showing his ex pat Sister around the area she was born & seeing how it had changed.People made there own entertainment in those days & all towns had Carnivals like this Wardley one in 1930s That Shop is still there today only it's a House nowadays. Sunderland Rd in Wardley & the old car with similar reg to the Taxi on previous pages
A Wardley First Aid Post in World War Two. Anyone recognise grand dad?Mrs Davies & Mrs Steadman in Whitemere Gdns with the Pit in view.Wardley Colliery about 1950 and within 10 year it had changed into a top class modern complex with 5000 ton per week output..
Thistley House Farm on Wardley Lane which was demolished in 1974. Isn't it a shame lovely old buildings are no longer needed?Albert Lamb the Co-op Butcher's man on his round selling meat . In later years he started a shop on Leam LaneWardley Colliery Leam Line with the Colliery in the distance