A Wardley mens trip out with a few names. If anyone recognises dad or grand dad then tell me. The line was nicknamed 'The Dilly' Line & trucks of coal came down it to the Staiths. Today it's a Pedestrianised tunnel under the Felling By-pass Wardley men in the Pub which could have been White Mare Pool or the Railway Hotel 50 yds away.
The men worked hard down the Pit so a night out at the Pub was a real pleasure to wash away the coal dust. A lovely old early 1900s photo of two young girls Martha & Barbara outside Ivy Cottage at White Mare Pool.. How times have changedJan Young's Waggonway St photo of Edna & George Bellis with young cousins Brenda & Jack Senior
A 1948 photo taken in Waggonway st, Wardley.These three children in 1936 Reservoir St, Wardley would be amazed at today children with computers, mobile phones, X Boxes etcWardley men in the 'Railway Hotel' at White Mare Pool
Wardley British Legion footballers in the 1960sLadies in the back garden of the Railway Hotel at White Mare PoolNewton Lisgo with his treasured possession! His Bike