A nice old photo of Arthur Thompson & little Brenda Senior in Wardley Colliery Wardley Colliery School's 1957-58 football team Here is Wardley Colliery's school team of 1963-64 with quite a few names.
Wardley Colliery School children from nearly 100 yrs ago in 1911Wardley Colliery juniors in 1935 & who played there home games on Gallon's Farm which was Thistley House near Bill Quay BridgeWardley crossings where coal trucks passed back & forth to Jarrow Staiths. Note the old Bus at the gate waiting to cross.
A photo taken on Wardley Welfare ground in 1952Follingsby Colliery in 1955. This is where they brought Wardley & Usworth coal up from underground 1260 ft below.Wardley Colliery men on a night out. The Scoreboard says 'White Mare Pool'
Hannah Liddle & baby Ralph Liddle in Reservoir St, WardleyThe garden of the Railway Hotel in 1926Two Wardley men a long time ago but I have no names. I wonder if a relative will spot them & tell me who they are?