A class of Wardley Colliery School children in 1921 Wardley Colliery/Follingsby Fitters changing the pulley wheel on the Headstock in 1950. Jimmy Kerridge is one of the Fitters. Little Brenda Senior in Waggonway St but no date so if anyone can tell me, please do
John Amos farmed the land at South Wardley Farm so Carnival time would have been something to look forward to each year. Meg Senior in the long gon Waggonway St in Wardley Colliery.The Railway Hotel was called 'Teasdales' after the Landlord. This photo taken their shows the Dixon's & Humphrey's on a night out there.
A Wardley Colliery children's Concert with some names Wardley Colliery school class of 1930Wardley Hall in 1955 & home to the British Legion Club then.
A nice old photo of Wardley's cycling club called 'The Rovers' early 1900sThis is the Wardley Welfare team that won the Hebburn Aged Miners Cup in 1930-31. Must have been good to beat Hebburn (joke)White Mare Pool Hotel demolished & replaced by 'The Dixielanders'