A 1955 trip out for the Wardley men & organised by the Manager of the White Mare Pool Hotel A 1937 class photo of Wardley Colliery School children. An early 1920s photo of Wardley Colliery cricket team probably at their original sports field on Wardley Lane on the way to Bill Quay bridge
A 1928 Carnival photo of four young girls dressed in their England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales emblems A 1930 May dad Carnival starting off at White Mare Pool.The long gone cottages can be seen next to the HotelAnother early 1920s Wardley Cricket Team photo with a few names.
Wardley Hall in 1995 & which is still their today as a working man's Club.Wardley Colliery's very own 'Dad's Army officially known as the 'Home Guard' in 1941 at White Mare Pool Wardley Colliery 'Rovers' out on a run somewhere in 1910 with quite a few names.
Wardley folk on what is probably a Whit Monday trip in the 1950sThree Wardley men in the old childrens playground with the Pit heap & Quality Tce in the backgroundThe Burkett's beside their Air Raid Shelter in White Mere Gardens during 1942