Mrs Martha Edwards outside her Railway Carriage home on Sunderland Rd Wardley early 1900s. She & her husband both died in 1931 A 1930 class of Wardley Colliery School children A 1913 class of Wardley Colliery school children.If any of these are around now they will be over 100 yrs old.
Wardley Colliery Primitive Methodist football team in 1926-27 with names. A Group 6 Class of children at wardley Colliery School in 1914 when the First World War began. The Miners Gala at Durham just after WW2 with the Wardley Banner & supporters walking along with it.
Group 2 Class at Wardley Colliery School in 1914 Wardley's football team in 1920 outside the Pavilion when it was off Wardley Lane near Bill Quay bridge. Wardley people in the Miners Welfare Hall
A group of Wardley men in the early 1900s with a few names Wardley senior citizen's on a Trip out into the countryside Wardley ladies organised a football team in 1935 to raise money for the Miners who were on Strike for 6 weeks.