Bill Quay School's athletetic 'Relay' team of Atkinson, Commerford, Lagan & Dudgeon in 1964 A Bill Quay school class of children in 1955-56 Heworth School children in 1927's Group 12 with a few names.
A Wardley Colliery Chapel trip in 1948 with some names but not in any order. Heworth School infants class in 1950 with lots of names Heworth School's teaching staff in 1946
A poor quality cutting showing Class 4G in 1960 at Heworth School with lots of names Low Felling School football team in 1948 with a few names. Another poor quality cutting but better than none. Felling 'St John's RC School' class of girls in 1950.
Whitemere School staff Bill Quay school football team in 1963-64 with a few names Bill Quay athletics team in 1964 just off Wardley Lane near Bill Quay Bridge