The sad looking 'White House' a 17th century building at High Heworth before demolition in the 1960s Jan Younger's photo of Edna Bellis & little Brenda Senior at the back gate Jan Younger's 1926-27 photo of Wardley Colliery Cricket Club & a few names
John Senior & Nellie Carlaw in Wardley possibly 1940s but no date was givenAlan Smith sent me this lovely old photo of Richard Kell & Co with there truck at Windy Nook Quarry early 1900s. They made grindstones .Wardley junior school in 1975 with a lot of names.
Wardley people enjoying themselves at a Durham Miners Gala in the 1960sWardley women photographed beside there Trip BusSome Wardley lads on a night out down Shields.
Another view of the White House. If it was still here today it would be nearly 400 years old Wardley men on a day out (booze trip)This building was on the right just as Hebburn/Jarrow folk crossed Bill Quay Bridge.In 1925 it was turned into a chapel & demolished in the 70s