Gordon's lovely photo of Miss Treadwell's class of children at Heworth School in 1904 Gordon's photo of Felling Colliery Officials such as Deputies, Overman,Engineers etc at the annual Christmas meal early 1900s More images from Gordon Stridiron who is a Wardley & Felling area Local Historian. This shows Vicar J Steel of Heworth 1877 to 1917 (40 years)
After James Steel left Heworth had this Vicar Charles Gwilliam for 11 yrs from 1917 to 1928.Hebburn ex pat Stan Wears sent me this photo from when he was in a Wardley based pop group 1961 in called 'The Magnet's'. (Babe magnets maybe?)Heworth Junior Mixed & Infant School staff in 1963.
Felling Auxilliary Fire men in 1939 no doubt prepared for whatever the Luftwaffe could throw at the area in the next 6 yearsHere are the Felling Auxilliary Fire brigade a year later after war had broke out. Notice the vehicles in the background.Some of the Felling History Society members, but as yet undated.
Another undated photo of the History Society members along with names.A class of Infants that attended Bill Quay School in 1930. A  Heworth Council School class.