Pelaw Presbyterians staging a concert called 'Dogs of Devon' in 1928 with quite a few names. (They are NOT in order though) Pelaw Presbyterians in an unknown named Concert in the 1930s. The only name we have is Herbie Millgate in the top hat. One of the Pelaw Presbyterian ladies in 1939. Does anyone recognise her location or name?
A Pelaw Presbyterians Concert in the 1930s with a few names. Here are the Pelaw Presbyterian folk doing a Concert called 'Pearl the fish maiden'.A 1929 photo of Mr Parkinson & Mrs Lowes who were regulars at Pelaw Presbyterian Church
Pelaw Presbyterian's ladies in 1937 performing a 'Pageant of noble women' Pelaw Presbyterians cast of 'Alladin and out' in 1929.More of the 'Alladin and out' cast in 1929 with lots of names BUT not in any order.
Three un-named Pelaw Presbyterian ladies in the 1930sAnother un-named cast member in the 1930s. Three young Pelaw Presbyterian men in the 1930s but again no names