Felling High St demolition in 1979 A poor quality image of Brack Tce in Bill Quay early 1900s.The terrace ran up to Bill Quay Bridge for those not familiar with Bill Quay. The 'Cricketer's' Pub in 1972 with the river & the Naval Yard Slipways in view.
Cromwell Rd in Bill Quay which runs down towards the river.One of the old Ferries that came into the long gone village of 'Felling Shore' Heworth Lane Methodist Chapel early 1900s
Harrison's Shipyard at Bill Quay which is long gone. Nature has now taken over the area.Leam Farm before it was modernised in the 1980sAn early 1900s imageThe old Corn Mill in Heworth which was close to St Mary's Church
Sunderland Rd in the 1930s. I think that my be Felling Station on the leftA family who had a Cottage/shop around the High Lanes & Heworth Lane area early 1900s possibly WW1 timeFelling Train Station across Sunderland Rd.