An accident that happened on Bensham Bank in 1916 & a great opportunity for the locals to be photographed. A major Train Crash at Felling in the early 1900s A view from Bill Quay in the early 1900s showing all the Industry eg Harrison's shipyard, Tharsis Copperworks & Tennants Chemical's.
Pelaw CWS Cabinet worksJonadab which was an area of Bill Quay in the early 1900s.One of Gateshead's Trams on Saltwell Road in 1918.
Early 1900s Pelaw Main Staiths, then a bit further you can see the Dean Primrose Staiths. The direction is towards Hebburn RiversideWardley's 'Railway Hotel' managed at the time by M Teasdale This used to be the 'Grand' picture house in Pelaw, then later used for Ballroom dancing.
A poor quality image of one of Gateshead's old Steam powered Trams.Leam Farm which was located in between the River Don and the Bowes Railway line 'Hill Crest' The Miners Cottages that are still being used today & which date back to the early 1800s