David Bruce supplied this page of images.This first one is Bill Quay school pupils in 1910 Another image of Bill Quay school children. This one is 1913  Bill Quay school children but this time in 1919
An undated photo of a Bill Quay school children's ConcertA view inside the long gone Co-op Cabinet WorksGirl Guides who went to Pelaw Methodist Chapel
A Pelaw Methodist's ladies ConcertA re-enactment of the Queen's Coronation in 1953. Ann Taylor was the Queen & Jim Gardiner the Duke of Edinburgh. The 1953 Royal Wedding re-enactment on the stage of the 'Grand' cinema Pelaw. Ann Taylor is the Queen. Jim Gardiner the Duke. Peggy Taylor & Hilda Hails are 2 that we know of in the background.
The final photo taken at the 'Grand' showing Ann Taylor & Jim Gardiner as Queen & DukeA 1940s/50s Xmas Party in PelawThe 'Grand' which was only 57 yrs old when it closed