Hoyson Villas at the bottom of Cromwell Rd, Bill Quay The 'Cricketer's' at Bill Quay, formerly the 'Quay Tavern' 'The Wardley' on Brack Tce, Bill Quay
Felling Cricket Club in 2011 The old Felling Gate Social Club, now a Dance studio The old 'British Lion' on Carlisle St, Felling
The former 'Noble & Lund' factory, now used by other businesses Once it was Pelaw Methodist Church opened 1914. St Alban's RC Church in Pelaw. It was opened in 1972
Wardley Garage on the corner of Kirkwood Gardens. New houses built on land adjacent to Palmers Bank. 'The Green' which stands where once the 'White Mare Pool Hotel' stood