Alan Nicholson loaned  a few photos for this page. This is his Bill Quay class in 1962 Alan's photo of Heworth School children 1953 -1954 Mrs E Dennis wife of St Mary's Vicar 1946-56
Alans cousin Lindsay loaned this Heworth School photo from 1959-60Ivan Lavender's photo of Bill Quay from the riverFollonsby Colliery in 1960 where Wardley coal was brought to the surface.
Another from Alan. This is Marconi's Xmas Party in 1957Another from Alan's cousin Lyndsay taken at Marconi's Xmas Party in 1957Lynne Layton's Norrie family at Saltwell Park in 1956
Alan's dad George on his Lathe at Noble & Lunds in the 50sIvan's colour slide of the park off Station Rd, Bill Quay.A really nice view of the long gone shipyard  Harrison's at Bill Quay.