Felling lads F Lavender, K Adams, T Wilson & I Lavender 1957. Felling lads P Woodhead,D Cordiner & I Lavender in 1958 A postcard of St Mary's in Gateshead overlooking the Tyne
Pelaw Co-op Shirt Factory just before demolition in 2011 from Lee HirokiA rear view of the now demolished Shirt Factory 2011 from Lee HirokiThe Shirt Factory in Pelaw from Lee Hiroki
Ron Summers Watson family of Wrekenton who were coal minersRon's Pelaw ancestor Annie Summerson 1899. The town was brand new in those days & built round the Co-opLes Watson a Wardley Colliery 'Deputy'& his family.
Ron's photo of Wardley Colliery miners on a day outSunderland Rd in Felling, just along from the Station.NCB men on a course in Sheffield. They are men from our area. T Williams was a Wardley Fitter