A group of Bill Quay people early 1900s Bill Quay infant school children. I only have one name E Commerford Nichol's Shoe & Boot repairers on Felling High St early 1900s
Another of Nichols staff. Mr Nichols is on the left. J Lavender who later bought the shop is on the rightAnother of Mr Nichols. J Lavender is on the left & he eventually bought the shopFelling children at Hadrian's Wall. They were  staying at Dukehouse Wood camp
Fella Park School football team in 1951Felling Home Guard based at Booth St WW2The 'Wiseman's'  Temperance Bar on Crowhall Lane
Ivan Lavender's photo of a Tug off Felling Shore areaA view of International Paints at Felling from the riverAnother of Ivan's colour slides showing Felling from the river