Wardley Colliery's Prime family in 1946

Trainee miners at the National Coal Board's Training centre next to Washington 'Glebe' Pit.These lads could have went on to any local Pit.

A 'mothergate' at Wardley where coal came via conveyor from the coalface & fresh air entered. This could be Zone 55

Mr Harker from White Mare Pool cottages was given a job at the pit by Mr Palmer who was possibly the Mine owner

Mr Edward Short taking a Service at Wardley Colliery Methodist Chapel

A more recent photo of a class of children at Wardley School in 1972

George Holdsworth & his niece & nephew June & James in 1950s Waggonway St.

A Wardley Colliery School class in 1916 with some names

Another fairly recent photo of a Wardley School class in n1975

Wardley School infants class in 1971 with quite a few names.

A Wardley school class of about 1970

Wardley juniors showing Mr Hewitt the Coach with quite a few young people all wanting to be in the Team