Dave Webster's Grandfather Robert Short took this photo of Aquitania abt 1920 when in for a conversion from coal to oil This is a photo linked to Robert Short, but what was the occasion & where? Let me know if you recognise anyone Inside Wellfield Tce Methodist Church 1950s
Robert Shorts photo  of the Russian/American lines  'Dwinsk' at Bill Quay in 1913-14. She was torpedoed in June 1918A old view of Sunderland Rd, Felling in 1902A Brigantine at Harrison's of Bill Quay.
The 'Laristan' and 'Springwell' at Bill Quay early 1900s. Both were sunk by the German's in 1916.A clip from Heslop's Advertiser' showing the programme for the 'Imperia' in 1948Dave Webster's mother in the garden 1930s with friends. In view is the Weslyan Church
The 1929 Bill Quay/Pelaw carnival passing Cromwell StThe Queen of Bermuda about 1948 in the Tyne after the war probably being refitted in 1948The 'Springwell' at Bill Quay. She was sunk in 1916