The following SIX pages of images were kindly passed on by Mrs Hayward & it's part of her late husband Peter's collection. This is a Felling Bowling Club. Marchers passing Ramsay's Temperance Bar in the 1930s Bill Quay Mixed School which is still being used today in 2013.
Bill Quay folk in the 1930s. Do you recognise anyone?A 1934 or 35 Bill Quay School class of ChildrenShops on Sunderland Rd in Felling
Collingwood St on Sunderland Rd early 1900s with the Tram heading for HeworthRemember Felling Station? here it is being demolishedA rare view of the long gone village of Felling Shore
Elsdon St in the FellingFella Park infants class in 1938-9 as War was breaking out with GermanyFella Park Rd junior School