The staiths at Bill Quay which loaded coal onto Colliers from Pelaw Main Colliery Those same coal Staiths showing Colliers awaiting the coal Alan Foster sent this photo of a VE Day celebration party in Balmoral Tce in 1945
I took this photo of the Dragone's at Bede's Club, Jarrow 1983 A second photo of the Dragone's in 1983 . A beautiful photo looking down on Pelaw Main Staiths at Bill Quay in the 1920s.
Hebburn lady Margaret Mostoufi sent this photo of her Mam M Lawlor & workmates at what we think was the Shirt Factory. Rhoda & Alan Foster outside the rear of Balmoral Tce New Chutes being installed at the Staiths, with a nice view of the Staith House Hotel
Colliers waiting to be loaded up with coal at the Pelaw Main Staiths Snowdon's Mill just past Felling Shore A clipping about a Heworth Colliery versus Windy Nook charity game for needy children