The staiths at Bill Quay which loaded coal onto Colliers from Pelaw Main Colliery Those same coal Staiths showing Colliers awaiting the coal Alan Foster sent this photo of a VE Day celebration party in Balmoral Tce in 1945
I took this photo of the Dragone's at Bede's Club, Jarrow 1983A second photo of the Dragone's in 1983 .A beautiful photo looking down on Pelaw Main Staiths at Bill Quay in the 1920s.
Hebburn lady Margaret Mostoufi sent this photo of her Mam M Lawlor & workmates at what we think was the Shirt Factory.Rhoda & Alan Foster outside the rear of Balmoral TceNew Chutes being installed at the Staiths, with a nice view of the Staith House Hotel
Colliers waiting to be loaded up with coal at the Pelaw Main StaithsSnowdon's Mill just past Felling ShoreA clipping about a Heworth Colliery versus Windy Nook charity game for needy children