All of the images on this page were kindly donated by Beamish Museum. This is the 'F' Pit Banner Blacksmiths at work near Washington early 1900s, but no other info available Early 1900's workmen at Cooks Castings in Washington
The 'F' Pit blacksmiths & carpenters early 1900s. Washington 'F' Pitheap in the distance, but undatedUsworth VE Day celebrations in 1945
Washington Glebe. Washington Glebe School early 1900sWashington Chemical Works
Washington 'F' Pit Brass Band outside their Welfare Hall InstituteAnother view of the 'F' Pit heap. Lots of Pit Heaps like this dotted the North East in those days.Washington 'F' Pit. The headgear & Winding House are a museum nowadays. I went down that Pit on a course in 1962