Thanks to the Bede Methodist Archives for this Scan of Gateshead Fell preaching house Harrison's Shipyard  Bill Quay Shipyard was previously 'Boutland's' This is a rare image of John George the son of William Boutland who ran the yard in the 1700s A rare but poor quality image of Nest House on Felling Shore. It was owned by Coal Mine owners the Easton family
Ellie Radford sent this 1955 photo & the next three from her Dad Stan's collection taken at Mitcheson's at Friars Goose..Stan Radford holding the ladders for the sign writer at Mitcheson's in 1955.Stan Radford was a Shipwright & is on this photo with his Mitcheson colleagues 1955
Launch day at Mitcheson's in 1955. Can anyone recognise the workers?Paul Hodgson photo of his mother Jean Cutting & friend about 1950 at International Paints Paul's late Uncles  collection from when he was a 'cutter' in the Tailoring Shop at   Pelaw Co-op Stores.
Paul's Uncle &  CWS Tailoring colleagues. Recognise anyone?More of Paul's Uncle  & colleagues. Recognise anyone?Last one of Paul Hodgson's Uncle's collection. Recognise anyone?