Felling born Lydia Arnott who lives in the USA sent me this photo & others on this page. That's her Dad James on the right in about 1935-6 One of Lydia's photos from when she visited home one time. She was born in an upstairs room next door to the 'Halfway House' on Felling High St. A Felling Park photo from Lydia when she came to visit Felling. She thinks its from about 1989 ish.
Another Lydia photo of Felling Park which was alongside Sunderland Rd & recognised by everyone who rode in a bus to Gateshead. The flowers were always outstanding in that ParkThanks to George Watt for this photo of Gateshead Central School.Felling High St where ex pat Lydia was born in an upstairs room next door to the 'Halfway House'
George Goring's snowy photo of the 'Black Bull' on Lingy Lane at Wardley. It was demolished in December 2013 so no longer there. Lydia was a Teacher in Wardley & this photo is from when they took the kids to Jarrow St Pauls in 1989Felling's Mary Arnott & daughter at the Town Moor Hoppings 1935-6. Mary is Lydia's mother.
Felling ladies Elsie Wood on the left & Mary Arnott at the Hoppings in 1945-6Lydia's photo of a butchers shop on Felling High StThe 'Ship Inn' at High Heworth in 1957. Thank to Beamish Museum for the photo.