North Biddick's 'Joseph Cook Weslyan Methodist' Chapel. Thanks to the Bede Archives for allowing me to use images on this page. Brandy Lane Methodist meeting house that first opened in 1750. Thanks to the Bede Archives Washington children waiting for the USA President Jimmy Carter in 1977.Thanks to Tyne & Wear Archives.
A 1960s Folk Festival in old Washington 1960s & thanks to T&W Archives.High Usworth Weslyan Methodist Chapel early 1900s. Thanks to Richard Jennings Archivist at the Bede ArchivesNew Biddick Weslyan Methodist Chapel 1900 & thanks again to the Bede Archives
Queen Elizabeth 2nd in Washington in the 1970s. Thanks to T&W ArchivesAnother of the Queen in Washington 1970s. Thanks to T&W ArchivesWashington Village Lane Weslyan Methodist Chapel in 1899. Thanks to Bede Archives again.
More of the 1960s Folk Festival on the Washington Village Green. Thanks to T&W ArchivesWashington children awaiting Harold Wilson the Prime Minister's visit in the 1960s. Thanks to T&W Archives again.A hand tinted image of the Washington Weslyan day school in 1895. Thanks to Richard Jennings & the Bede Archives