Tom Sterling & Colleagues have completed a book on St Patrick's Church 1895 to 2014 in the Felling. This is a lovely photo of it from Tom. The book is available free from an Apple i book Store. All the images on this page are thanks to Tom & friends. A beautiful image of the refurbished St Patrick's Church in Felling.
A close up view of the Altar in St Patrick's. A lovely view inside the church taken from the Altar.Insert text / comments here
The War Memorial in St Patrick's Church St Patrick's Lady Chapel & Sacred Heart ChapelSt Patrick's Church's 'Station's of the Cross'
The Organ in St Patrick's Church, FellingThe Statue of St Patrick familiar to all the congregation's over  years and yearsSt Theresa's statue in St Patrick's Church. A  familiar sight inside the church over the years.