A nice old photo taken outside of Shephards on Felling High St in the early 1900s Local Fireman Mr Topping who in 1956 died of pneumonia aged just 46.  A magnificent send off at Mr Toppings Funeral in 1956 by his colleagues..
Mr Topping's coffin carried by a fire engine on its way to Heworth Cemetery.Mr Topping's funeral at Heworth 1956.The last photo of the funeral in 1956 of 46 year old John George Topping 
A standard certificate from King George 6th to one of Mr Topping's children at school in May 1946A newspaper cutting from 1915 when men were away from home serving in WW1 A Heworth School class from the days George 6th was the king.
A Heworth School class but unfortunately no names & undatedI think the sign says something about Pelaw Club winning a Quoits Championship in 1925 Lingey House School infants at Xmas in 1975.