Wardley nursery children from St Alban's ex Deputy Head Mrs Toberty's collection Wardley Village in 1939 showing the  Reservoir, the School, the Chapel & the original Colliery. Thanks to Britain from Above website. Wardley Village in 1939 not long before it disappeared forever. Thanks to the Britain from Above website.
Jim Gardner photo showing Newcastle Utd Centre Half Frank Brennan with St Alban's team in 1952-53Another 1953 photo from Jim Gardner showing St Alban's children with Frank Brennan who became a legend at Newcastle Utd. Here is Jim with Ann Taylor in 1953 playing Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip at the 'Grand' Cinema in Pelaw.
The crowning of the statue in Pelaw Saint Alban's Church 1961The Consecration of St Patrick's Church in Felling 1950. The Priest in white is Fr Walsh who served at St Aloysius, Hebburn until his death.St Alban's ladies from Mrs Toberty's collection.
Another from Mrs Toberty's collection.The long gone Pelaw CWS Shirt Factory. My friend Jim Carroll was the manager from 1966. This was St John's School on Willow grove. Today it is a Jewish Girls School.