Pelaw 'Hussar's' jazz band. Thanks to Dave Morton who does 'Remember When' in the Chronicle Pelaw Station from 'Remember When' Pelaw Station
The winner and runners up for 'Miss Pelaw Grand' in the 50sHebburn man Tom Hood when he worked for the NCB at Follonsby late 60sTwo NCB men at the shaft bottom at Follonsby. Thanks to Tom Hood.
Last one from Tom of NCB colleagues at the shaft bottom Follonsby.Pelaw St Alban's children at the 'Grand' 1960sPelaw St Alban's children as 'The Beatles' on stage at the 'Grand' 1960s
The old Imperia CinemaA Felling area street party, but where was it?A Gateshead Tram in the early 1900s