Bill Quay about 1910. The shop to the right is JH Hick's at 92 Station Rd. Shields Rd Pelaw about 1910 with the CWS buildings that stretched as far as Bill Quay Sunderland Rd Felling in the days of the Trams early 1900s
Gateshead High St in 1916 Another Gateshead High St postcard but this one from the 1930s West St, 'Savings Bank' in Gateshead early 1900s
Springwell Colliery early 1900s postcard Springwell Colliery in 1971 Another Springwell Colliery postcard
Wrekenton in the early 1900s Saltwell Park bowling greens 1920s Beacon Lough House before the Council build multi storey Flats there