A page of lovely images from John Berry. The B&W photos are from his family album. Here is his 1989 photo of the 'Brown Jug' Pub, Carr Hill Rd. John's photo of Greenbourne House from 1985 And here is John Berry as a little boy with his gran Eunice  and relatives
Another lovely photo taken around when WW2 started from John's family album , Norman & Evelyn Pearson in the 1950s Ann Berry at Greenbourne Gdns
John's gran Eunice in the mid 1950s A beautiful old photo from John's family album taken about 1910. John's aunty Constance who died in 2010 age 84.
John's gran Eunice who was 111 when she died Windy Nook Leek club winner James Crook in 1963 Bob Simpson a Pelaw Butcher , with his Horse & Cart in the 1950s.