Thanks again to John Berry for another page of photos. This is Windy Nokk's St Alban's Parish magazine from July 1971. A page of local businesses advertising in the church magazine, thus helping with the costs of running a church. A 2nd page of local business adverts
A third page of local businesses advertising in St Alaban's magazine. A final page of old 1971 adverts  that hopefully a lot of you will remember Remember the well known Dragone's Ice cream business? Here is their parlour on Felling High St 1985
Field St in Felling, which is no longer there . Thanks to John Berry for the photo taken before it disappeared. This is the old Elders & Walker business at the start of Sunderland Rd  in Gateshead the main route for getting to Heworth and either Sunderland or South Shields The well known Laws Herbal Supplies shop on Gateshead High St in 2005
The long gone 'Magpie Inn' on Boxlaw. Beaconlough, The long gone 'The Beacon' Pub on Lyndhurst This shows a club ran by a Local Comedian (Bobby Pattinson) which is no longer there. The long gone Multi Storey carpark can be seen behind.