Ellison Hall photo taken from inside the Park at the turn of the century around 1890 to 1910 possibly? Hebburn Park's old Victorian 'Bandstand' with second lake behind and the 'Ellisons' Boat House in view. Photo taken around the turn of the century. A loaned photo showing Gordon French on the first lake in the 1920's. The Slag Heap, Monkton etc can be seen in background.
Gordon French on the first lake in the 1920's.Elmfield Tce can be seen on horizon. This is my School photo taken in 1958 when I was 14. I'm in centre 3rd from right. 1940's photo taken outside 'Winnie Gallagher's' papershop on corner of Bewick St/Lyon St. View looks along Lyon St & the people are Winnies family.
Top of Ellison St on corner of Lyon St 1980's, nowadays housing has been built here. Leslies football squad photo. Clegwell Teachers in 1952. I think the man back right was Mr Norman with his distinctive bow tie
Clegwell's lady teachers in 1952 A hand tinted photo showing Ellison Hall which had just became the town's Infirmary in 1898. The Boer War memorial is also in view. A hand tinted postcard looking along Carr St towards 'C' Pit just over Ellison St junction. The shop on the left is one I remember going in as a child & it was Ward's (drapery).